Never return to a cold home again

Now there’s a sleek new profile in heat pump/air conditioners.

Aspire Hi Wall

Key Features

  • Warranty: Full 5 years parts & labour
  • Heating conditions: -15°C to 24°C (Suitable for low ambient regions)
  • New 8°C feature: In heating operation, the pre-set temperature of the Air Conditioner can be as low as 8°C. It adds to comfort in conditions where outside temperature is extremely cold. You leave it ON at this setting during the day, so that it is quicker to heat when you come home
  • Cooling conditions: -10°C to 48°C
  • Hidden display on the Indoor unit: The display can be turned on/off from the remote controller
  • Follow Me: With this function, the room temperature sensor built in the remote controller is activated. The Air Conditioner will then regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller
  • Self-Cleaning function: Prevents mold formation in the Indoor unit

Key Features

  • Brushless DC inverter motor designed to use electricity efficiently and effectively.
  • Follow me: the sensor built into the remote controller is active and the air conditioner will regulate the room temperature based on the temperature around the remote controller.
  • Low maintenance and easy to install.
  • Wireless or optional wired or WiFi controller. Ideal for use in both residential and commercial applications such as aged care, hospitals, hotels, schools and office buildings
  • 5 year warranty for consumer confidence.

Pearl Hi Wall


XPower Hi Wall

Key Features

  • High Efficiency – up to a COP of 3.95
  • Advanced Air Flow
  • Superior Design
  • Reduced Noise Level
  • Five step filtration
  • 5 years part and labour warranty

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