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Now there’s a sleek new profile in heat pump / air conditioners …


High Wall Mounted

Choose from our wide range of high wall heat pumps. Designed for performance, Mitsubishi Electric high wall mounted heat pumps will save floor space and keep you comfortable year-round.

The GE Series is our best selling heat pump range ever! This is a testament to exceptional product quality, reliability and superior heating performance. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms.

The EcoCore® High Wall Heat Pump Range sets a new standard in super energy efficient heating. Next generation EcoCore® Technology is designed to use less power than ever before. Unrivalled for quietness, they are ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms!

The Designer Series High Wall Heat Pumps combine exceptional energy efficiency with award winning design. Available in a choice of colours including Rich Black Diamond, Matte Silver or Glossy White – now you can perfectly reflect your interior design style.

The Deluxe FH Series is packed with advanced features like 3D i-See Sensor, Split Vane Air Flow, Natural Airflow and Plasma Quad Filtration; making this range truly the flagship of all heat pumps.

These low temperature performance heat pumps feature HyperCore Technology, with super energy efficient performance and fully rated capacity down to -15°C. Featuring 3D i-See Sensor, Dual Split Vanes, Natural Airflow and Plasma Quad Filtration, this range is truly the flagship of all heat pumps.

The Black Diamond Series sets the new standard in personalised comfort and style. Available in three colours with a striking finish, the range is packed with advanced features including Plasma Quad Plus Filtration ideal for allergy sufferers, and the 3D i-See Sensor for customised heating or cooling. And of course, starting at 19dBA it’s unrivalled for quietness!

The large capacity Light Commercial Series is both elegant and compact. With greater placement options and high airflow they are ideal for light commercial use.

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