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Our professionally installed systems can help you get relief from hay fever, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses

About Us

Welcome to Reliance Ventilation Systems (RVS)

RVS (Reliance Ventilation Systems) is a trusted name in New Zealand for effective home ventilation system, HRV Systems (Heat Recovery Ventilation) and heat pumps. When it comes to ventilating or heating your home or business, RVS has a solution for you.

RVS help you make the right choice so you get the right sized ventilation and heating solutions to efficiently and affordably heat your home or business. RVS supplies and installs a range of ventilation system, heat pumps and air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

If you are looking to make your home moisture free, damp free, condensation free and give you and your family clean and fresh air all the time, we’ve got you covered. Our ventilation system use dry air from your roof cavity and replace your home air (normally contains moisture from various sources like, cooking, cleaning, washing etc.) with clean and dry air to keep your home healthy. We can also help fight allergens in your home with a heat pump that filters the air, relieving allergy symptoms. Control the timer on your heat pump remotely to arrive home in the evening to a warm home. With the range of colours and designs on offer, we’ll even find a heat pump to fit your decor.

At Reliance Ventilation Systems, we promise top notch solutions and services for homeowners across New Zealand. What’s more, our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the clients and come at best price too. Beyond the latest in home ventilation systems, we also install heat pumps in homes to give optimal temperatures and ensure comfort for the residents. Whether it is air purity, good health, or cooling or heating requirements of your home, we have you covered. Not only that, our service range also includes home range installations and regular maintenance. Getting fresh filtered air and good health for your family at best price was never as easy as we have made it today.

When it comes to ensuring clean, fresh and moisture-free air for your living space, you can trust RVS. We are home ventilation system specialists, with an industry presence of more than a decade and thousands of installations across Auckland and the rest of New Zealand to our credit. If anyone knows home ventilation the best, it is us! We understand the importance of clean air in your home and how much it matters to the health and well-being of your family. For this reason, we identify your specific needs and create a custom ventilation system accordingly. Our motive is to deliver the best solutions and services to our clients because we value them over everything else. Get in touch with us and be sure about the air quality and purity for your home!

Our Services

Our services cover a diverse range, which match the end-to-end needs of homeowners across the country. From home ventilation systems to heat pumps and range hood installations, we offer expertise in them all. Apart from installing these systems, we also extend reliable maintenance services to ensure that they keep running in a great condition all the time.

Our team of experts carries years of experience and rich expertise in this domain, which makes them capable of understanding the distinct needs of homeowners and addressing them with the right solutions. We have served thousands of homes in Auckland and across New Zealand for more than a decade now and come up as a trusted provider for ventilation systems for homes of all sizes and needs. If you want to make your living space clean and healthy with fresh, filtered air, we will be there at your service. And you can rest assured about getting the best services at optimal prices because we guarantee that we will beat a price lower than ours by 5%. Installation services by certified professionals and a 5-year warranty on our products give you more reasons to trust Reliance Ventilation Systems as your reliable home ventilation partner.


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Auckland Region, Waikato Region, Tauranga

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Auckland Region (0800 787111)
Waikato Region (0211057874)
Tauranga (0211057874)

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Waikato Region (0211057874)

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