Classic Multi Room Heat Pump Systems

Our Classic Multi Room solutions allow you to connect up to six indoor units to a single outdoor; providing greater efficiency and flexibility to choose the indoor units best suited to each area in your home or office.


Multi Room
6.1kW Heating


Multi Room
7.0kW Heating


Multi Room
8.0kW Heating


Multi Room
8.8kW Heating


Multi Room
10.0kW Heating


Multi Room
13.2kW Heating

Features of this Series

Can one heat pump outside, heat multiple rooms inside?
The answer is yes!

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump Systems allow you to choose the perfect indoor heat pump for each room without the need to install multiple outdoor units. Whether it’s an unobtrusive ducted unit in the living room, a black Designer Series High Wall in the master bedroom or a Deluxe FH High Wall with advanced filtration in the kids’ room, the choice is truly yours.

  1. Only one outdoor unit
  2. Choose from High Walls, Floor Consoles, Ducted or Cassettes
  3. Energy efficient
  4. From 2 to 8 room solutions
  5. Whisper quiet
  6. Optional Wi-Fi Control
  7. Optional Zone Control 

Why choose a multi room heat pump system?

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18-20°C for living areas and 16°C overnight for bedrooms. A multi room system not only gives you the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to each and every room in your home, it also enhances exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units required; for total home comfort inside, and a sleek uncluttered exterior outside. Plus, you get the benefit of the superior efficiency and energy savings of Mitsubishi Electric heat pump technology.

The below indoor units are compatible with a multi room outdoor unit.

High Wall Mounted

Floor Console

Ceiling Mounted

Ducted / Concealed

All Mitsubishi Electric indoor units have a class rating; this is the numerical component of the model name, for example the MSZ-GE25VAD2 has a class rating of 25.

Every multi room outdoor unit has 3 parameters that determine the number and size of indoor units that can be connected to it;

  1. The number of indoor units that can be connected (ranging from 2-8 indoor units dependent on unit).
  2. The maximum individual indoor class rating that can be connected (ranging from 22-100).
  3. The maximum total class rating of all units that can be connected (ranging from 75 to 201 dependent on unit).

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